Sophie’s Wedding

2020 has been an episode of constant confusion. Isolation left us thinking what we were doing before, what we will do after.

Moments of self reflection, soul searching and a persistent patience to come out a different person all together. Samsara by Khadija Batool thus reflects values that we ignored when times were smooth.

Love… joy… simplicity… passion.

Sophie’s wedding reflects the beautiful bond between lovers, with colours of peace and softness. Crafting each piece where each thread spews a story of its own, to reflect the feelings of all involved.

The humbleness of having loved ones, indulging in the true luxury of self and family. Samsara by Khadija Batool brings out those values, those stories. Those longing to love, those who found the love, and those who now wish to express such love.
From us, to you.

Khadija Batool