Art and elegance translated through fashion, for the conscious, evolving woman. With more than 10 years of experience in the market, our company believes in contemporary and traditional craft artistically assembled on this platform by our specialized team of designers and pattern makers.

The Gurjit Bridal ensemble...

A stunning masterpiece, featuring a voluminous flared lehenga meticulously handcrafted with care. Each intricately woven thread tells a tale, encapsulating the cherished memories of the bride’s nearest and dearest. Among these, the memory of her beloved grandfather is immortalized in a resplendent “King of Hearts” card, meticulously rendered through delicate resham work and adorned with opulent zardozi detailing, symbolizing the profound connection shared.


Radiant in Gurjit’s Yellow Mehndi Bridal Attire: A Symphony of Sunshine and Tradition. This screen-printed lehenga, adorned with intricate zardozi embellishments and delicate mirror work, exudes timeless elegance. Accented with a subtle touch of green, symbolizing the vibrant mehndi theme, the blouse is a tapestry of zardozi artistry, perfectly complementing the resplendent ensemble.

About Khadija Batools Bespoke process or design philosophy (one liner) here

A Masterpiece of Ethereal Beauty and Timeless Grace.

Sadaf’s Bridal is adorned in the most delicate shade of tea pink, this divine creation captivates with its intricate handiwork, meticulously crafted resham embroidery, and opulent zardozi accents. Each stitch is a testament to the artisan’s skill, weaving a tapestry of unparalleled elegance and sophistication.

As the bride glides forward, her long veil trails behind like a whisper of enchantment, adding a touch of ethereal romance to her appearance. Every detail, from the delicate lace to the shimmering embellishments, embodies the essence of a modern-day fairytale princess. With each step, she exudes a radiant glow, epitomizing the true essence of divine beauty on her special day.

Sadaf’s Mehndi dress is a Tapestry of Intricate Detail and Whimsical Charm. This enchanting ensemble features a screen-printed lehenga, adorned with graceful avian motifs crafted from the finest resham embroidery, fluttering delicately across the dupatta.

The blend of mukesh, mirror, zardozi, and resham work creates a symphony of textures and hues, infusing the outfit with unparalleled depth and richness. Each element is meticulously placed, weaving a narrative of natural beauty and timeless elegance.

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